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HP Battle Rap

February 24, 2015

you wanna step to this?
dont make me laugh, you a squib
leave you stupified with my magical wits
its a sorcerous blitz
you aint got game, dont know the lore
my skillz fill u with fear
you only read the books once
you think patronus is a mexican beer
you a cleansweep one, im a nimbus 2000
im the pimp of the wizengamot
you a house elf bitch
leave u playin with ur beater
while i find yo girls golden snitch
dont mess with me, son
im a Rowling machine
yo skillz like a thestral
– – – UNSEEN
you can’t touch my HP knowledge
you need to go back to school
spittin lyrics so ill madam pomfrey CANT SAVE YOU
you done boy, need to call a hearse
you just got slapped with an Unforgivable Verse

damn that was easy
i gotta observe
like a sentence in azkaban

u just got served


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