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October 11, 2011

I agree with Occupy protestors that Government and Corporations collude in a corrupt arrangement to control the laws, policies, and resources of the government for the benefit of said Corporations and politicians/political parties at the expense of the 99% of everybody else.

However, I see this corruption as a necessary and predictable consequences of two things:

  • The nature of power is to seek greater power for itself – this is a fundamental truth of human nature and any group of humans. If allowed to, power can and will seize control of every facet of life.
  • The government is devoid of principled direction or purpose, leaving its policy decisions to the most expedient populist whim or to the highest corporate/special interest bidder. The lobbying system is institutionalized corruption.

The solution is to:

  • a) Halt the expansion of government power and put in place constitutional measures to prevent future government power creep
  • b) Define in clear terms the purpose and responsibility of government to its citizens and use this defined purpose to guide ALL policy decisions. This requires the adoption of a clearly defined political philosophy instead of the anti-concepts and jingoism that surround American politics today (i.e. “PROMOTE FREEDOM”)

Obviously, our culture has devolved to one of dependence on Father Government to provide for and protect His flock in all aspects of life. We have abdicated our personal choice and responsibility for our personal lives to the Government – and when something goes wrong, it is always someone else’s fault…So when a vassal such as this sees Solution (a) (above), a fear immediately washes over their mind: If Government didn’t do X, how would we Y? This helplessness is more a problem of decayed vision and ignorance of history than ideological. The true ideological foe of Solution (a) is the person who invests trust in Government (despite contradictorily also believing in the corruption of said government), and swears by the irreducible Evil of the businessman. To this person, the altruistic Government is the protection against the Businessman who, if given the chance, would enslave us all.

Power corrupts. However, Government power is unique from Corporate power. In a sane, Capitalist society, Corporations are restrained by INDIVIDUAL LAW – and like any individual, must not violate the rights of anyone else. Corporations in a Capitalist society may have money and the power and influence that comes with that, but unlike the Government, can never force anyone to do anything. The fear in our society of the Corporation is a LEGITIMATE FEAR – Corporations in our “Mixed Economy” system wield the awesome power of the government against individuals to steal, defraud, silence, harm, pollute, and generally exploit – while at the same time using government power to hamstring or legislate against their competition. In a society where Government is involved in the economy and in partnership with Corporations, both should be feared.

It is this fear that motivates my wayward comrades in the Occupy movement. This legitimate fear of the Crony Capitalist, empowered by back-office political corruption that frees him from the Law…The only rational solution is to restore and protect the separation of Government and Corporation, for the same reason that we do the same for the separation of Government and Church.


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