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Capitalist punks

September 8, 2011

Chris: a lot of punk bands, I have found
don’t know what they’re talking about
I feel for you and I, our anti-system, pro-freedom, at times (when younger) anarchist ideas, led to the right
so many of them lead to the left
which is antithetical to freedom, but they buy the soundbites just like rebels have for a century
me: it’s the most bizarre, surreal reversal that anarchists and people supposedly dedicated to maximum freedom and hatred of the government side with the left wing to pump more power and money into the government at their own expense
it’s madness
if you truly hate industrial civilization, you can be a legit primitivist anarchist in which case you’re literally seeking to destroy modern civilization
but 98% of the rest of the punkers, anarchists, and counter culture rebels hate the gov’t, but don’t want to see technology and civilization wiped out
so the ONLY logical route is to embrace laissez faire capitalism


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