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The hivemind is dead

February 28, 2011

i recently starting using twatter and following anony_ops and anonIRC and i have been raging lately at the stuff they post as self-proclaimed “official” spokesmen for anonymous. especially two recent ops: OpEmmaa (AKA anonyMISS) and OpWisconsin.
OpEmmaa is a female recruitment op that reads:

So you want to be a modern girl.
You want more freedom.
You want more power.
You want to have fun.
You want to prove that women are more courageous than men.
And you love the Internet.
We need you.
Welcome on board, Anonymiss.

I have 3 problems with this op:

  1. First of all, we are anonymous. We are not men, women, black, white, american, or european. We are FUCKING ANONYMOUS and we are divided by ZERO. This entire op undermines the very essence of anonymous being #1 faceless and #2 UNDIVIDED.
  2. As per rule 30 of the internet, there are no girls on the internet
  3. tits or gtfo

The next op I saw that made me raeg was opwisconsin:

It claims that “anonymous” is now serving warning to and declaring war on the Koch brothers for the following crimes:

  1. funding the tea party (or what the “anonymous” press release calls “fabricated organizations based on falsehoods”)
  2. architecting the bill in wisconsin to try to sneakily buy wisconsin public power plant no-bid contracts
  3. and finally that anonymous must “Defend the downtrodden citizen-workers of america” “whose rights and liberties are being systematically removed one by one, even when their own government refuses to listen or worse – is complicit in these attacks”

Why does this make me raeg?

  1. The tea party is actually made of real people who have real opinions. It is not a shadowy conspiracy hatched by a billionaire. I’ve been to the rallies, I’ve talked with the tea party activists and like us or hate us, we’re real people with real beliefs. really. also, since when is funding a political movement you believe in illegal or wrong? The Koch’s have a right to advocate their beliefs and business interests by helping people who think like them get their voice heard.
  2. As documented thoroughly here not only has Koch Industries expressly said it has zero interest in Wisconsin public assets, experts in the field agree that the contracts aren’t even very profitable and wouldn’t make sense for Koch to go after. This justification is simply put, a plain lie.
  3. Rights being taken away? The “right” being taken away by Gov. Scott’s bill is the “right” for powerful labor unions to FORCE workers to pay dues against their will to unions they didn’t elect and don’t want to represent them. AKA the “right” anonymous is so valiantly defending is the “right” for labor unions to trample worker’s right to work. As an houly worker at my job here in Fairfax, when the SEIU made a push to unionize my workplace I thanked raptor jesus that I lived in Virginia, a Right to Work state that protects my rights as a worker to choose whether or not to join a union.

The op is based on lies, seeks to suppress the legitimate voice of fellow citizens and fellow anons, and actually undermines workers rights.

the hivemind is dead. someone is driving the ship now, and that someone appears to be a vanilla liberal democrat


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