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NORP in disguise

February 21, 2011

working as a professional in an office environment has been an interesting experience. In RL I have long displayed to the world an eccentric or unusual appearance, allowing NORPs to easily identify me as the odd ball that I am and ignore or safely make fun of me from a distance. However, in an office environment, wearing business casual, my despicable, nerdy core is hidden ‘neath the khaki camoflage of banana republic. Under these circumstances I can see people’s initial confusion and eventual realization as their initial impression of me as a fellow NORP begins to crumble. I struggle at times to keep up appearances but the longer I know someone the more comfortable I feel about “being myself” – hastening the decay of my NORP facade. I have even had work associates remark at how deceptively “normal” i appeared for so many months until they discover, for instance, my tattoos…”I never would have suspected” they say, havingly only scratched the surface of my geeky depravity.


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