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Short critique of Cata

December 13, 2010

This expansion pushes the game even farther away from an MMO style and more towards a single-player game with attached chat room.

I tried grouping with people and it’s pointless; all the quests are so easy that they get accomplished before you even get a feel for whats going on. The game is actually far slower and more confusing when played with a group than when played solo. Of course, dicking around with friends and exploring together is always fun, but as far as the actual *gameplay* and game objectives go – playing in a group is pointless.

The only challenge in the game comes from testing yourself to see if you can train 8 mobs at once (for example) or if you can gank someone 3 levels higher than you. Racing through quests is the only way I get a sense of challenge and gameplay AT ALL.


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