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The tale of Gamon

December 8, 2010

Also, you should know the tale of Gamon.

Gamon was a level 12 Tauren NPC that lived in the Orgrimmar Inn.

He existed for the sole purpose of a quest that taught a young Rogue how to use the pickpocket skill.

However, Gamon’s existence as the only attackable  (any mob that you can pickpocket must also be attackable) entity in Orgrimmar, centrally located at the Inn where everybody logs in and out of, made him a constant target of senseless violence – much to the dismay of burgeoning Rogues, as completing the pickpocket quest became nigh impossible as Gamon was gleefully dispatched by every passerby.

Flash forward 6 years later, and Blizzard decides to finally put an end to the violence and give nooblet Rogues some piece of mind…

Gamon is now a level 85 Elite with over 1.9M hitpoints and easily one-shots most cloth wearers.

How did players react? Players now have a renewed interest in killing Gamon and massive public raids spontaneously form as everyone tries to kill him before he can kill everyone else. The floor in and around the Orgrimmar Inn is now constantly littered with bodies and skeletons of foolish players. And when Gamon isn’t being raided, he’s being endlessly kited by CC savvy players (some players even kiting him ridiculous distances into other parts of the world).

As of 3 days ago, Blizz released yet another Gamon buff:

Gamon is now immune to all forms of crowd control, uses the abilities Charge and Battle Shout, and wrecks adversaries with his new two-handed axe.

The battle rages on…

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