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Awkwardness, Part 1

July 12, 2010

back when i worked at ABC, for christmas we had a “gift wreath” incentive which was essentially a drawing for gifts donated by the managers to their employees – based on performance and the “big” gift was an ipod nano

the guy that donated it was this manager that worked near us but not with us
and by “us” i mean the marketing team, which as you may remember, was me and 6 attractive brunette sorority girls and this guy notoriously would make inappropriate comments about their inappropriate skirts and low-cut blouses.

so he puts this ipod nano on the wreath, and i win it and i think he was, first of all, bitterly disappointed that one of the ladies he fancied didn’t win it
and second of all, for several weeks after i won it, he would ask me about my usage and enjoyment of his gift.

the problem was, though, that i already had a much larger capacity ipod, stocked with my music that i used – as did all the other young people that could have won it, so i gave the ipod as a gift to my father for xmas since he didn’t have one. but i felt like i couldn’t tell the manager this, especially since it had a custom message printed on the back of the ipod congratulating me
so for several weeks i had to evade his inquiries into my usage and enjoyment of the ipod, and i couldn’t bring it into the office either as it was no longer in my possession
the end


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One Comment
  1. Kate permalink

    I’m so sick of people in the office making comments about low cut blouses! Grow up!

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