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‘Hack’ Your Cellphone!

February 14, 2010

I recently got a new cellphone – the Verizon LG env2 VX9100.  I took a few photos that I wanted to copy onto my computer. The phone charges with a USB cord but doesn’t support direct downloading photos from the cellphone to your PC (like a digital camera) – instead insisting that you buy a microSD card or pay to have them emailed to you (downsampled to hell, of course). Enter BitPimBitPim is a simple little program that allows you to sync your cellphone with your PC – download everything from the cellphone or upload things to the cellphone. I was able to download the photos I want, quickly delete unwanted photos and wallpapers on the cellphone, download all my text messages (just for fun), and use BitPim’s built-in ringtone-maker to take an mp3 of my choice and make it my new ringtone! BitPim works for all kinds of cellphones new and old, so try it out!

When I installed it on Windows 7 x64, I had to download this .dll and place it in the BitPim directory.

Then I had to install my cell phone’s drivers, which a quick google search turned up:

Download bitpim here:


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