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Nerdcore Mix Tape Torrent

March 18, 2009

Download my Nerdcore Mix Tape torrent now on Demonoid!

If you need an invite, leave me a message.


This is a mix tape of the best (AKA my personal favorite) Nerdcore hip hop out there as of March 2009. Hopefully I included one or two tracks you’ve never heard before as well as some classics. As always, if you like what you hear, please support the artists. Nerd life forever bby.

Tracks included:

Betty Rebel – Mana & Me
Devil’s Urethra – No Remorse
Futuristic Sex Robotz – The Positronic Pimp
Futuristic Sex Robotz – Welcome to the Internet
Kabuto the Python – Star Wars LOL
mc chris – fette’s vette
MC Frontalot – Secrets from the Future
MC Lars – Space Game
MC Lars & YTCracker – We Have Arrived (Featuring K_Flay And The Former Fat Boys)
MCRSI – Remember the Geek
spamtec – this far
The Grammar Club – Red Cyclone (vocal version)
ytcracker – geekarazzi
ytcracker – meganerd
Zealous1 – Level Up


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One Comment
  1. nwng permalink


    I found your site while looking for information on LOL and HON, but would be very thankful for a demonoid invitation. I’ve been looking for it for ages.

    BTW i’m lvl 10 on LOL europe if you play there. Nice blog.


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