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Vista Wireless Lag Spikes Solution for Linksys Adapters

February 20, 2009

I have been plagued by lag spikes while connected to the internet on Windows Vista. These lag spikes occur for a single second or two like clockwork every 60 seconds due to the way Vista handles scanning for better wireless access points. After trying dozens of “solutions” posted all over the place I finally found one that works! On the forums at user Ty posted the magic solution that will finally make online gaming possible on Vista wireless.

1. Download Windows XP drivers for your Linksys adapter. Linksys downloads here

2. Uninstall your current adapter through the device manager, clicking the box to delete all driver software associated with it. (I even went to the C:/Program Files/Linksys directory and manually trashed anything in there to be sure.)

3. Run the new drivers’ setup.exe you downloaded from Linksys in Windows XP (SP2) compatability mode. (Right click the .exe, go to properties, and then compatability)

4. When it asks you to find the drivers on your computer, point it towards the XP drivers.

5. Connect to your network.

6. Run Vista Anti-Lag program

7. Enjoy!


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