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Aging Childish: “The Catholic Church: Guardian of literacy and science”

July 11, 2008

In response to John Wojnowski’s use of the phrase “to the victims of the Roman Catholic PLAGUE” that prefaces his pamphlet, Aging Child writes:

Ah, yes – the plague that kept literacy and science alive for a thousand years; that gave us the university system; that even today is ministering to the poorest of the poor, the elderly, the terminally ill.”

Wow, this is something I’ve never before heard credited to the Catholic Church, of all institutions. I was under the impression that the Catholic Church destroyed countless invaluable ancient artifacts, scriptures, and records all over the world in its quest to stamp out competing religions. I thought that the darkest period in human history, where all thought and innovation was plunged into a faithful, catholic abyss, was marked by the reign of the church over human affairs. And as far as “ministering” to the poor, elderly, and ill – from your castles built from gold and stained glass – no other hypocrisy is more disgusting.

History shows us plenty of examples where the Catholic church has persecuted men of science and reason for fear that their discoveries would debunk their myths and dogmas.

Galileo facing the Inquisition, defending science and reason from their natural enemy – the Catholic Church

Your writing about Galileo is sickening. You have the nerve to quibble over whether it took the Catholic Church 108 or 200 years to accept that the Earth moves round the sun in the face of abundant scientific proof. And then you go on to say that it was GALILEO’S FAULT that the church rejected truth, reason, and science because he was UNWAVERING in his assertion of truth! He didn’t bow and scrape to his Catholic masters and so he “alienated” the “good will” of these emperors and arbitrators of Truth! I am actually shocked that your desire to defend your church leads you to such indefensible and ludicrous claims. And now the church has been beaten to submission by the relentless march of reason and science, and the church has revised its doctrines to conform to secular reality – successfully evading oblivion by relegating itself to a tiny corner of metaphysics, irrelevant to everyone’s lives – doing double backflips to say that the bible is true “IN A MORAL SENSE” but false in every other way that’s been proven so far…

And then you sign off with your tired, oft-repeated refrain that it was “just a few misguided individuals.” The institution is a sum of its parts, friend…and the sum is a negative one.

I would also love to address your assertion that faith and science aren’t at odds. The conflict is an epistemological one – how can man gain knowledge about the universe? Science holds that reason is the means by which man gains knowledge – Religion has grudgingly accepted reason as ONE way to form your knowledge of the universe, but that belief can also be based on FAITH instead of reason!

Faith is belief that is not based on proof and is the antithesis of science. To this end, let me ask you friend – why do you believe? Do you have reasons? Or do you believe on faith? Can you prove to me rationally the existence of god or the truth of your Christian scriptures? I argue that it is impossible to do so as the key ingredient of Christian belief is not reason or proof – but faith. This is why Christ does not reveal himself in a spectacular fireball in the sky with a booming voice (anymore), but asks that, despite the lack of evidence, you believe anyways – as a child. Your name, Aging Child, is particulalry accurate in this regard.


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  1. This article keep me thinking how to reconcile science and religion. Can religion do without science?

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