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Aging Childish: A series of unfortunate questions

July 11, 2008

You asked the following in response to my first comment on your blog:

a) Where have I been spiteful?

b) Where in my apologetics have I been petty? (You do understand the difference between “apology” and “apologetics”, right?)

A small example will suffice among the many to choose from:

(Let’s skip the obvious, that “eunuchood” is not a word; that would be petty.)

Yes, it’s petty, and no, you didn’t “skip the obvious” because you typed it. If you truly intended to skip the obvious why didn’t you type something else?

Additionally, his use of the suffix -hood to mean a “condition; state; quality” is entirely correct! Eunuchhood, while not in your spellchecker, is a useful and articulate expression of exactly what John intended to say – the state of being a eunuch.

Your constant derision of John (his choice of words, speculation on his motivations, etc.) in your blog entries shows an unmasked, spiteful contempt for him, despite your claims to be ‘merely’ addressing his assertions. Your writing is colorful and interesting, and I’m sure your apologetic impulse (by the way I DO know the difference between apology and apologetics wow are you snooty or what) will lead you to claim your abusive words against John have been entirely objective – the fact remains, however, that in browsing a single blog entry I found through google, I immediately felt that a sweet, shy, compassionate man was being slandered anonymously and picked on by a bully…


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