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Aging Childish – “Sometimes being a slave isn’t half bad!”

July 1, 2008

In regards to slavery as related to the Catholic church – and your comments that sometimes, being a slave isn’t half bad, I only want to point out that Catholic serfdom – almost identical to that of slavery – existed for centuries during that time when it was given reign (The Dark Ages). Additionally, despite several letters and pronouncements from the church seeming to denounce enslavement, I want to bring your attention to Spain, starting in the 1400’s and lasting until the modern day- The Washington Post gives us a nice overview of Spain and the Catholic church:

For centuries, the Vatican considered Spain the most Catholic country of Europe. The Spanish defeat of the Muslims at Granada in 1492 consolidated Roman Catholicism’s hold on the continent, and the Inquisition rooted out those who failed to adhere to the strict Catholic line. Spain’s conquest of the Americas extended the Vatican’s reach. And Spain gave birth to such pious religious orders as the Dominicans, the Jesuits and Opus Dei.

Spain was probably the European country most active in slavery and slave trading – from the muslims it defeated in the reconquest to the Africans and Indians used to extract gold from the New World. I assert that the Catholic church benefitted from and did little if anything to halt Spain’s slavery.


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