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Aging Childish

June 30, 2008

Meet John Wojnowski:

John has been protesting the Catholic Church’s crimes for 10 years now. He stands outside of the Vatican Embassy here in D.C. every day during rush hour, rain or shine. John says that the sexual abuse of children at the hands of Catholic priests is a predictable consequence of a lifestyle that prohibits sexuality and fosters a deep, persisting guilt. The pedophile priest scandal that blew up a few years ago highlighted the mafia-like actions of that the Catholic church had been taking for decades (or more probably centuries) – those actions involved protecting pedophile priests that were in danger of being exposed by moving them to a fresh batch of victims in another parish and then silencing his victims with fat sacks of cash on the condition that they never speak of their abuse publicly. Of course, when the Church is taken to court, they end up paying more to their high-priced lawyers than to their victims. Anyways, this is old news – but John maintains his vigil and his information campaign still because he has never received anything from the church for the abuse he suffered as a child. Hiding behind a legal technicality, they have denied John any justice for the crimes their priest committed against him.

John is an intelligent, shy, compassionate man – more than happy to smile and share a few words with you if you care to approach him. He speaks Italian fluently and is an enthusiastic reader.

Visit John’s website here:

AgingChild refers to John’s work as

riding on the still-open wounds of grown children once heartlessly abused by a handful of self-serving priests.”

“a handful of self-serving priests”??? Yes, enabled by a vast conspiracy of church leadership. At what point do you admit that the institution is the sum of its individuals and realize that the widespread crimes of the priests, enabled and defended by the church hierarchy, and immunized against their victims by the mafia-like gag-orders delivered to victims with a dollar payment – are not the actions of a benevolent institution scandalized by a few rogue individuals – instead it reveals a widespread disregard for morality and the well-being of children entrusted to it and a prodigious waste of church funds on to protect the pedophile priests. Scapegoating the individual to save the institution is a common theme in AgingChild’s apologetics – he seems to think that the Catholic Church deserves accolades for every good thing their representatives do – but when it comes to their many crimes, the most recent of which was the deliberate endangerment of children for the sake of their manufactured-pedophile priests, it’s only the actions of a “few individuals.”


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